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Roanoke Resource- August Business Spotlight

August 1, 2023
Roanoke Resource-         August Business Spotlight

We are thrilled to share our incredible business of the month for August - Roanoke Resource! This mental health clinic, founded in 2012 by Dr. Celia McCauley-Wittl and Courtni Sandras-Gau, is an absolute beacon of hope and inspiration in the community. Their unwavering dedication to helping those in need is truly remarkable!

Celia believes that her life's purpose is to lessen the suffering of others, and that is also the mission of Roanoke Resource. The impact that this clinic has had on the community is limitless. The services include traditional and non-traditional, mainly focusing on individuals on Medicaid. Celia also believes in creating a healthy work culture and treating her staff exceptionally well. Roanoke Resource is an incredible culmination of hard work and passion. 

Below you will find a little Q&A from our conversation with Celia! 

Q: What experiences did you have to lead to the creation of Roanoke Resource? 

A: After high school, I began working as an office manager at a mental health clinic. I learned a lot in that position. I left and went into nursing. I worked in the Emergency Department, but I missed the consistency of seeing patients regularly. I decided that starting a mental health facility would allow that.

Q: How long did you work on developing Roanoke Resource initially? 

A: The process lasted around eight months. We received our business license in January 2012 and our state mental health facility license in February 2013.

Q: What do you all offer at Roanoke Resource? 

A: We offer traditional and non-traditional services! 

Q: Can you give us a snapshot of your day-to-day life? 

A: As the owner of a business, I oversee payroll, credentialing, finances, program, and business utilization. I also lead staff, education, management, and owner meetings. I also see patients regularly and manage crises. Lastly, I am always looking at our goals and refreshing! 

Q: What do you like the most about having your own business? 

A: I love building things and the creative process! It's fun throwing stuff against the wall and seeing it sticks. My brain works differently in crisis, and it brings me calm. 

Q: How do you manage to work and take care of yourself?

A: I live and die by my schedule! Working in the mental health field has its perks because we can recognize empathy fatigue in each other and provide gentle reminders for breaks. I enjoy traveling, and I just recently went to Thailand. I'm a big foodie, and I love trying new restaurants. I also volunteer at the Rescue Mission, assisting with primary care visits. 

Q: Can you describe your experience working with Muneris Benefits? 

A: Muneris is the! I have worked with Burman from the very beginning. It was important to us to have insurance for ourselves and our staff. Burman has supported us the whole way. We've been able to add extra benefits as we've grown, and I am proud to say we pay 65% to 100% of benefits for our staff.  

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