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In October We Think Pink

October 13, 2023
In October We Think Pink

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we come together to pay tribute to survivors, remember those we've lost, and shine a light on a disease that impacts countless lives. As a tribute to this important month, we're sharing a personal account: the remarkable journey of Karen Clark, the wife of Burman Clark, the owner of Muneris Benefits.

In the summer of 2012, Karen Clark's life took an unexpected turn when a routine mammogram led to a second mammogram, biopsy, and a breast cancer diagnosis. She bravely tackled the journey ahead, and her story highlights how crucial early detection, unwavering faith, and strong support from friends and family can be.

Karen's journey started with a Stage 2 HER2+ Breast Cancer diagnosis. However, the diagnostic process turned out to be complex and time-consuming. Scheduling scans took weeks, and getting insurance approvals for some scans was tough, even with her doctors' recommendations. Luckily, Karen had her husband Burman's support. He used his insurance industry knowledge to navigate the system. From her first mammogram to the official diagnosis, it took about six weeks, shorter than a typical experience.

Karen's doctor recommended chemotherapy to treat her aggressive form of breast cancer. She embraced this treatment with unwavering determination, knowing that it was the best path for her four children, who needed their mother. Her husband Burman remained a source of strength throughout this challenging period.

Karen also turned to her Catholic faith, seeking solace and healing through prayer. Her priest performed the anointing of the sick, and she found comfort in praying the rosary with her young daughter in the evenings. Her faith became a beacon of hope during the darkest moments of her journey.

Karen's advice to those facing illness is invaluable: "Allow others to help you." Their friends from church, neighborhood, and school rallied around the family, taking turns to provide meals during the weeks of her chemotherapy treatments. This selfless gesture allowed Karen to focus on her recovery and her family. A simple meal, she reflects, was a monumental gift to them during that time.

Karen's strength and resilience shone through as she completed a grueling twelve-month course of chemotherapy every three weeks. Remarkably, she never missed a treatment and didn't experience an infection or hospitalization. Her journey concluded with a double bilateral mastectomy, which she faced with courage and grace.

Throughout her battle with breast cancer, Karen made a heartfelt promise to God: if He would allow her to see her children reach independence, she would accept whatever path He set for her without complaint. God answered her plea, granting her that opportunity, and she remains determined to honor her promise.

Looking back on that challenging year, Karen sees it as a mere blip on her life's radar. She learned immeasurable lessons about her inner strength, her husband's unwavering support, and the power of community. As she moves forward, Karen is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the importance of faith in overcoming adversity.

When Karen faced tough times, she found the strength to keep going, took comfort in her faith, and appreciated the support of her community. Her story reminds us of the importance of resiliency, early detection, and recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In her own words, she said, "God is good." We celebrate Karen's victory over breast cancer and stand together in the fight against this disease.

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