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Expanded Medicare Coverage for Leqembi: A Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Treatment

July 10, 2023
Expanded Medicare Coverage for Leqembi: A Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Treatment

Good news for people affected by Alzheimer's disease! The FDA has approved a new drug called Leqembi. This approval brings hope to many, especially those with Medicare, as it means they can now get better coverage for Leqembi. We will closer discuss this medication and what it means for Medicare beneficiaries.

Understanding Leqembi and Alzheimer's Disease

Leqembi is a new treatment for Alzheimer's. It works by targeting and removing harmful plaques in the brain. These plaques are a factor in how the disease progresses. With the FDA's approval, Leqembi is available to treat Alzheimer's.

Medicare Coverage for Leqembi

If you have Medicare and have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, it's crucial to understand your coverage options. 

Original Medicare Coverage

If you have Original Medicare, you will pay 20% of the approved cost for Leqembi once you have met your Part B deductible. You will need to talk with your healthcare provider to learn more about the administration of Leqembi and your coverage options.

Understanding Medicare Coverage

Figuring out how Medicare covers medications like Leqembi can be confusing. To make sure you get the most out of your benefits, follow these steps:

  1. Talk to Your Healthcare Provider: Discuss the benefits and risks of Leqembi with your doctor. They can help you decide if it's the correct treatment for you.
  2. Review Your Medicare Plan: Look at your current Medicare plan(s) to see if it includes coverage for Leqembi. Check for Leqembi's listing in the formulary, a list of drugs your plan covers.
  3. Get Assistance from an Insurance Agent: Insurance agencies specializing in Medicare supplements, prescription drug plans, and Medicare Advantage plans will be able to guide you. They are experts who can walk you through your Medicare coverage options. 

Expanding coverage for Leqembi is a big step forward in Alzheimer's treatment! 

Contact Muneris Benefits today to learn more about how Medicare can help cover the costs of Leqembi and to explore the best Medicare plan options for you. We are here to help you navigate Medicare coverage effectively!

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